Man sentenced for rape of a child


Ashley Orsborn, 25, of no fixed abode in Hampshire, was today sentenced at Winchester Crown Court to 17 years' imprisonment, plus a year extension on licence after being found guilty to two offences of rape and two offences of sexual assault on a child who was under 13 at the time the offence was committed. The child is now 14 years old.

Following the sentence, Simon Jones, Senior Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service in Wessex said: "Ashley Orsborn was 19 when he committed his first offence of rape against  a child who was only aged eight at the time. Four years later, he carried out a further offence of rape against the same child who was then 12. He also sexually assaulted her on two occasions when she was 12.

"The child did not want to report to anyone what Ashley Orsborn did to her because she was too scared. There is no doubt that the defendant took advantage of the victim's young age and vulnerability. During the period of time he committed his offences he was able to get on with his life, whilst the victim had to live with her terrible and heavy secret. She has been left traumatised by her ordeal, which has had a devastating impact on her childhood and pre-teen years.

"During the trial at Winchester Crown Court, the jury heard both the prosecution and the defence's cases and was satisfied that Ashley Orsborn was guilty of rape and sexual assault.

"We would like to thank the victim and all the witnesses in this case who gave evidence and supported the prosecution, and we hope that she and her family will now able to move on with their lives."