Man sentenced to 18 years for attempting to kill his ex-partner and giving drug to his two-year old daughter


A man has today been sentenced to a total of 18 years’ imprisonment at Winchester Crown Court. He received 16 years for the attempted murder of his ex-partner and two years to run consecutively for administering a noxious substance, namely heroin, to his two-year-old daughter.

Following the sentence, Martyn Booth, Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in Wessex said:

"Roger Weir pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of Ms Blackmore and administering a noxious substance to her young daughter on October 8.

"This was an extreme case of domestic violence. Roger Weir, 45, went to the flat of his ex-partner Gillian Blackmore, 28, in Eastleigh, on Sunday 6 May 2012.

"He took with him a police baton and a flare gun which he had adapted to fire 0.22 bullets. He also took more than 300 bullets with him to the flat.  

"He attacked Ms Blackmore, whilst their 20-month-old child was in bed. She managed to call her new partner Barry Towler, who in turn alerted the police. Weir said to Ms Blackmore that he would kill her and her new partner.

"He then fired the flare gun at her body and attacked her using the police baton. As she tried to defend herself he then attacked her with a meat cleaver, which he had selected from the kitchen, by striking her twice to the back of the neck causing deep lacerations.

"She managed to escape from the flat. She ran naked covered in blood towards Mr Towler who had just arrived at the flat, screaming that Weir was going to kill her baby.

"When the police arrived, Weir shouted at them: "Dont come in here or Ill shoot the baby". They then found 22 bullets on Isobels bed and also a bloodstained meat cleaver, syringes and needles, one with a brown liquid inside.

"Weir was locked in one of the rooms. He told the police that if they rushed in he would shoot the baby as he had a flare gun pointing at her and a carving knife in the other hand. He said the baby was fine and asleep and repeatedly threatened to take his own life.

"Eventually the officer persuaded Weir to put the baby by the door. He then opened it, allowing the officer to come in and pick up the baby, who had blood on her leg.

"Upon his arrest, Roger Weir said that he had given heroin to his daughter because he wanted to get at his mother. This revealed to be true. 

"Thankfully no long term significant injuries were caused to the child as a result of this.

"Ms Blackmore has been the victim of a dreadful attack that night and by entering his guilty plea Weir has accepted attempting to murder her. By giving heroin to their child, he has also accepted what amounts to a serious offence in its own right.

"We hope that Ms Blackmore and her daughter, will now be able to move on with their lives and that this conviction will bring some kind of comfort to them."