Man sentenced for dangerous driving after catapulting two women in the air following collision with his car


A Gosport man has today been sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court to 5 and half years’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to two offences of causing grievous bodily harm, one of dangerous driving, one of perverting the course of public justice and one of failing to stop after a road accident.

Following the sentence, Sophie Stevens, Senior District Crown Prosecutor said: "Matthew Styler's appalling and irresponsible behaviour could have cost the lives of not only the two pedestrians that his car hit but also, those of his wife, and friend who were also in the car.

 Styler, from Gosport, had been at a body- building event at the Don Stylers gym on July 2 of last year. When he left the event he decided to drive his car

 Miss Stevens said: "Not even concerned of his ability to drive under the influence of alcohol, he drove at a great speed on Stoke Road, a single carriage way where the speed limit is 30mph. As a result of his dangerous driving his car collided with two pedestrians with such a force that he catapulted them and threw one in the air. The shocking collision was recorded on the road traffic CCTV.

 "From the evidence of one of the witnesses in the car, Styler was clearly aware that he had hit someone as at the moment he hit the two young women he swore. However he still carried on driving, failing to stop, failing to check if the women were even alive.

"When the police arrived at the defendants home at 01:05am, it was very clear that Styler was getting rid of the evidence. The police had to open the washing machine, which was in mid spin and found clothing, Timberland boots, sunglasses and a leather belt all belonging to the Styler who had  also shaved his beard off.

 "Kirsty Searle, 19, and Holly Burns, 20, were the two young women who were walking on that road, after a night out in the local pub.

 "Kirsty sustained a closed fracture of the left tibia/fibula with multiple posterior and lateral skin abrasions of the left lower limb.

"Holly suffered a broken tibia and fibula on the left leg, two broken ribs, a punctured diaphragm, a bleed on the spleen, whiplash and a small facial fracture. Two metal rods were inserted in her leg.

"It was very fortunate that their lives were not taken as a result of this terrible collision.

"We would like to thank the witnesses in this case and we hope that this outcome will bring some comfort to Kirsty and Holly."