Man found guilty of the killing and mutilation of his friend’s body


David Hilder, 47 from Southsea was found guilty today at Winchester Crown Court of the manslaughter, by reason of diminished responsibility, of David Guy, 30, whose torso was found on Southsea beach by a group of German students on 3 July 2012.

Following the conviction, Stuart Ellacott, Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service said: "David Hilder was today found guilty of the manslaughter of his friend David Guy, whose body he dismembered and then deposited in the sea near to Southsea Castle. However, due to prevailing tide and wind conditions the torso was washed up onto Southsea Beach, where it was discovered by a group of visiting German students in July 2012.

"Hilder and Mr Guy had been long term friends, however their relationship was abusive. The jury at Winchester Crown Court heard how Hilder had subjected Mr Guy to violence in the past, . Hilders violence may also have been triggered by the fact that his friend was not taking care of his cat

"The precise nature of their relationship will remain unknown. Witnesses had described their friendship as love hate in which Hilder was providing food and washing facilities for Mr Guy but was in the meantime violent. The prosecution case stated that Hilder was in some respects dominant in this friendship, and would use violence to punish his younger friend, who remained dependant on him. The last confirmed sighting of Mr Guy was on June 30, 2012, getting out of Hilders pick-up truck and asking to go home. It was the prosecution case that Hilder killed him at some point after this date.

"How David Guy died or what triggered his tragic end remains unclear.  Mr Guys torso was found on July, 3, 2012 wrapped in bin liners and a curtain on which David Hilders cats hairs were found. Three days later his pelvis and lower limbs were under rocks by Southsea Castle. Fibres from the curtain where recovered from Hilders flat, where traces of David Guys blood was also discovered.

"The Psychiatric evidence also showed that Hilder suffered from a mild learning disability, which, taken together with depressive symptoms he was displaying at the time of the killing, may have led to his being unable to exercise self-control. In the light of this evidence the jury convicted Hilder of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

"We would like to thank all the witnesses for giving evidence, our thoughts are now with Mr Guys family."