Man found guilty for inciting others to take part to the August disorders


Mitchell Stancombe was jailed for three years today at Southampton Crown Court after he was found guilty of inciting others to commit violent disorder after having posted messages on his Facebook account during the August disorders.

Anton Allera, District Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in Wessex said: "The disorder  that occurred nationally last August shocked many members of the communities who witnessed the public disorder, dishonesty and anti social behaviour of the offenders which led to widespread violence and culminated in local businesses being ransacked.

"Those who actively participated the disorder as well as those who encouraged the commission of the offending through social media were rightly charged where there was sufficient evidence to do so.

"The jury at Southampton Crown Court heard how Mitchell Stancombe, 20, from his house in Totton, Southampton, posted messages onto his Facebook account such as "When are we starting the Southampton riots then" and "LOL do a few coppers in". He maintained that the messages were sent as a joke.

"These messages were posted on the 9th of August at the time when the national disorder was at its peak.

"Mitchell Stancombe was charged under section 44 of the Serious Crime Act 2007 because it was our view, from the evidence provided to us by Hampshire Constabulary, that these posts were not a joke and that there was sufficient evidence to prove that he was inciting others to commit violent disorder.

"The jury heard all of the available evidence and was satisfied that Mitchell Stancombe had not posted the messages as a joke and has therefore found him guilty of inciting others to commit violent disorder."