London drug dealers 'Sugar Network' sentenced over drug supply in Portsmouth


An organised crime gang from London, who called themselves the 'Sugar Network' were sentenced today at Portsmouth Crown Court to more than 15 years in total. Five of the defendants including the ringleader, Kaylon Wallace, had previously pleaded guilty. A sixth defendant, Hannah Knapp, pleaded not guilty but was convicted by a jury after the trial.

Following the sentence, Gavin Sumpter, Senior Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in Wessex said: "Kaylon Wallace was at the head of a highly organised drug supply network, nicknamed 'Sugar'. Contrary to its name, they were supplying class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

"Kaylon Wallace would inform his several hundred clients that the drugs had arrived by sending a bulk text from mobile telephone number known as the 'sugar phone'.

"This phone was used by the gang to arrange drug deals. Like many criminal gangs, the Sugar Network had well established codes and rules.

"The text messages would be written in slang and would advertise the availability of the heroin and cocaine, without ever mentioning it. 'Dark' would mean heroin and 'light' cocaine as a reference to the colour of the drugs.

"The evidence showed that Kaylon Wallace would send hundreds of texts a day to drug users when travelling from London to Portsmouth in order to sell the drugs. The phone would then be used to contact and organise other members of the gang who went on to supply the drugs to users on the street.

"Kaylon Wallace was assisted by five others who were charged alongside him and were sentenced today.

"Thanks to the thorough investigation, Hampshire Police provided us with a file of evidence and the defendants were brought to court. This case demonstrates how CPS Wessex and Hampshire Police are determined to prosecute organised drug dealing on the streets of Hampshire when there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to do so."

Notes to editors

Kaylon Wallace, DOB 16/04/1990, from Beckenham, pleaded guilty of conspiracy to supply class A drugs (heroin and cocaine). Sentenced to six years and three months.

Annette Collins, DOB 11/12/1977, from Portsmouth, pleaded guilty with being concerned in the supply of class A drugs (heroin and cocaine). 12 month community order with six month Drug Rehabilitation Requirement.

Hannah Knapp, DOB 30/10/1989, from Brockley, found guilty of conspiracy to supply class A drugs (heroin and cocaine). Three years imprisonment.

Angel McKay, DOB 01/07/1998, from Beckenham, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs (heroin and cocaine). 32 months in Youth detention.

Eduardo Rodriguez, DOB 15/11/1993, no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to four offences of possessing a controlled drug class A (heroin and cocaine). 32 months' imprisonment.

Taisha Samuels, DOB 25/12/1996, from Brockley, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs (heroin and cocaine). 24 months, suspended for two years.