Lloyds Bank former employee sentenced to two years for stealing from 80-year-old pensioner


Christopher Scott, 23, from Southampton was sentenced to two years 'imprisonment at Southampton Crown Court for stealing from a pensioner who suffered from dementia £142, 681 over a period of 18 months whilst he was working for Lloyds Bank in Shirley.

Following the sentence, Bernadette Kearney, Senior Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service Wessex said: "Christopher Scott had a gambling addiction, which has had devastating consequences for both him and his family. This case highlights the tragic effects of gambling and how gambling can destroy a person's life and that of their family.

"Christopher Scott stated when interviewed by the investigator for the bank that he initially stole the money as, because of his gambling habit, he could not pay the household bills.

"An internal system at the bank raised an alert indicating that Christopher Scott had made multiple cash withdrawals from the account of an 80-year-old pensioner who lives in sheltered accommodation in Southampton as she developed early signs of dementia.

"A review of her easy saver account identified that, between January 2013 and July 2014, Christopher Scott had processed 77 cash withdrawal transactions totalling £136,686 and £7,400 from an ISA. Some of these transactions occurred whilst the victim was not present. In others, the transaction slip was altered to reflect a larger withdrawal than given to the customer. The matter was investigated by the bank, which refunded the customer's account and subsequently dismissed Christopher Scott."