Jury verdict of 'Guilty to Manslaughter' for Ralph Millward killers


Today the jury in this horrific case returned a verdict of 'guilty of manslaughter' for each of the defendants and we are satisfied that this reflects the three youths invovled unlawfully killed Ralph Millward.

The three youths were originally charged with the murder of Mr Millward but have now been convicted of manslaughter. There is a very fine line between these two offences which rests on the intention of the defendants behaviour; in this case the jury were unable to convict the youths for murder but their guilty verdict of manslaughter still ensures the defendants are held accountable for the unlawful taking of Mr Millwards life.

The prosecution of this case from the investigation, preparation to prosecution in court, involved a huge amount of hard work from both Dorset Police and Dorset Crown Prosecution Service which has ultimately led to justice for Ralph.



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