GP sentenced for sexual assaults


Davinderjit Bains was today sentenced to 12 years at Swindon Crown Court after pleading guilty on 15 March 2013 at Swindon Crown Court to a total of 39 offences, including 13 charges of assault by penetration, 13 charges of voyeurism, 11 charges of sexual assault and two charges of sexual activity with a child.

He today asked for a further 65 offences - 10 of sexual assault by penetration, eight of sexual assault and 47 of voyeurism to be taken into account when the judge passed sentence.
Following the sentence, Kerry Maylin Principal Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service in Wessex said: "Davinderjit Bains is a sexual predator who used his profession as General Practitioner at the Royal Wotton Bassett Tinkers Lane Surgery to abuse sexually his female patients.

"It is only when the thorough investigation conducted  by Wiltshire Police was conducted, that a number of his female patients found out with horror how he secretly recorded them when they were at their most vulnerable. Some of them discovered with disgust and humiliation that he had conducted medical examinations in order to assault them sexually.

"The enormity of his horrendous crimes was revealed after a very courageous 17-year-old student who he had plied with drinks, then filmed and sexually assaulted her, she reported Bains to the Wiltshire Police, which carried out a painstaking investigation contacting 3000 women who had been his patients.

"When Bains was arrested, he was wearing a watch fitted with a secret camera that had enabled him for three years he had been working in surgery to film his female patients when they were at their most vulnerable. His victims were aged at the time from 15 to 51 and the Police found in excess 350 high-quality recordings of his victims who had no reasons to suspect their GP.

"Bains has caused  immense damage to the local surgery where respectable GPs  and other members of staff carry on working, but this is nothing in comparison to the irreversible damages to the victims in this case who have been left violated, degraded and who for  some of them continue to suffer psychologically.

"We hope that this prosecution will bring them some kind of comfort and our thoughts are with them at this moment."