Davina Ayrton sentenced for Rape


Davina Ayrton, 34, from Fordingbridge, was today sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court to eight years' imprisonment for the rape of a 15-year-old in 2004. At the time, Davina Ayrton, who is a transgender woman, was a man called David.

Following the sentence, Claire Booth, Senior Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service Wessex Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (Rasso) Unit said: "During the trial in January, the jury heard how Davina Ayrton raped a 15-year-old girl in a garage. The young girl often ran away from her home and would sometimes stay with friends in this garage.

"Davina Ayrton is a transgender woman, who at the time of the offence was a 23-year-old-man who was acquainted with the boyfriend of a friend of the victim. While the victim was asleep Davina Ayrton raped the 15-year-old. The victim's friend and her boyfriend were also asleep.

"The crime came to the police's attention in 2014 who subsequently interviewed the victim. Thanks to her good recollection of the event she was able to give strong evidence and as a result Davina Ayton was found guilty on 8 January 2016."

"The victim's personal statement, which was read out in court, said: 'I was a young girl when David Ayrton raped me. At the time I didn't trust the police and did not want to make a statement. As the years have passed I've never forgotten the incident. I'll never forget how he forced himself on me, I was hysterical and I lived in fear all the time. At the time I thought I was a real tough cookie. It showed I was not.'"

"The court heard today that Davina Ayrton had a difficult and troubled childhood and her probation report described a history of sexually deviant behaviour on her part, from her childhood. She was convicted last year for possession of indecent images of children and the court heard how she has had an interest in teenage girls, and more recently an interest in sexual activity with children. Davina Ayrton in her probation report now accepted she had raped the victim.

"Ms Ayrton has learning disabilities and mental health issues and it is clear that she had a difficult childhood and was also vulnerable. However, the victim in this case was also a very vulnerable young girl who has, as a consequence of Davina Ayrton's crime, been left traumatised.

"We hope that with this conviction she will now be able to find some closure."