Murder charges dropped against John Vincent O'Kelly


Fiona Rutherford explains how the CPS dropped the charge of murder against John Vincent O'Kelly

Fiona Rutherford, District Crown Prosecutor for Dorset Crown Prosecution Service said; "All cases are kept under constant review, in this case new evidence from the post mortem report became available following the decision to charge Mr OKelly with Murder.

"The post mortem report contained information that was consistent with the accounts provided by Mr OKelly and others present at the scene.

As a result of this new information careful consideration was given as to whether the CPS would be in a position to prove the case at trial. This was undertaken in consultation with Dorset Police.

Following a full case review, the CPS were left with no other option but to formally stop proceedings against Mr OKelly.

"Our sympathies are with Mr Quelchs family at this time, who have been written to and who we have offered to meet with face to face in order to fully explain our decision to them".