Court of Appeal's decision to increase sentences of Michael EBanks and Mark West


Two men jailed for helping import millions of pounds worth of cocaine from Malaga, into Portsmouth had their prison sentences increased at the Court of Appeal today by a total of 10 years.

The Court of Appeal has increased the jail sentence of Michael Ebanks  of Orpington from 15 years imprisonment to 20 years for conspiracy to import cocaine.

His accomplice, Mark West of Purley, had his sentence of 14 years imprisonment increased to 19 years for conspiracy to import cocaine.

Arwel Jones, Head of the Complex Casework Unit of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in Wessex said: "We welcome the decision of the Court of Appeal to increase the sentences of Michael EBanks and Mark West who conspired together to fraudulently evade the prohibition on the importation of cocaine.

"Michael Ebanks was initially sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in July  and Mark West to 14 years' imprisonment in August, both at Portsmouth Crown Court.

"We carefully considered these sentences and were of the view that details of them should be sent to the Law Officers for them to consider whether they should refer these sentences to the Court of Appeal on the basis that they were unduly lenient.

"Today the Court of Appeal upheld this assessment and decided that Michael Ebanks' sentence should be increased to 20 years and that of Mark West should be raised to 19 years."

Please find here the link to the press release issued following the convictions.