Colin Dymond jailed for life for the murder of Sarah Pollock


Colin Dymond, 53, of Saltash in Plymouth today pleaded guilty at Winchester Crown Court to the murder of Sarah Pollock, 41, who was found stabbed to death at her flat in Avon Close on 25 March, 2015. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and was told he would have to serve a minimum of 16 and a half years before being considered for parole.

Following the sentence, Kerry Maylin, Principal Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service in Wessex said: "Colin Dymond's jealousy consumed him, and pushed him to savagely attack Sarah Pollock, his partner, in her own home.

"Sarah Pollock had confided to her friend and colleague how jealous, violent and paranoid he was. She had described that while they were together he had wanted her for himself, despite the fact that he was having affairs with other women.

"He was increasingly jealous of her making friends with other males and had, at one stage put his hands around her throat. Her friends and family were extremely concerned and were keeping an eye on her. Colin Dymond's jealous behaviour escalated in March 2015. He constantly called Sarah Pollock and also called her friend and her sister, asking her whereabouts and making derogatory comments about her.

"The analysis of his mobile phone revealed that at about 06.20 in the morning of Wednesday 25th  March, he contacted Sarah Pollock. His vehicle was captured on ANPR travelling towards Avon Close at 06:44. He arrived at her flat at approximately 06:50. Shortly after his arrival he launched his catastrophic attack on her. He strangled her and then stabbed her twice in the neck, leading to her death.

"He then left the flat, travelled to Eastleigh and drove back to the scene of crime at about 9 o'clock. He told the police that he saw that her body was lifeless and covered her with a duvet as he did not like seeing her like that. When the police arrived at the scene they could see written on the wall  "The price you pay Sarah for having 4 affairs, I have killed myself, why you couldnt tell the truth at all why did I deserve this, I have tried everything, sorry I snapped, so many lives devastated, now I am so sorry, you were my life, I worshipped you, rest in peace, all my love xx." Colin Dymond admitted that he was the author of this chilling note.

"Thanks to the thorough investigation by Dorset Police, the Crown Prosecution Service was able to put a strong case against Colin Dymond, which left him with no choice but to plead guilty.

"Our thoughts in this difficult moment are with the family and friends of Sarah Pollock."