Basingstoke burglars sentenced to 22 years in total


Five men from Basingstoke were sentenced today at Winchester Crown Court to 22 years in total for conspiracies to burgle in the counties of Hampshire, Berkshire and Dorset from June 2010 to July 2011.

Daniel Malcolm, Michael O'Leary and Stephen Dossett pleaded guilty at an early stage to their involvement. Mark Bicknell and Richard Ashman were found guilty after a month long trial prosecuted by James Newton-Price and Tom Wright.

Following the sentence, Sharon Douglass, Senior Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in Wessex said: "The sentences and convictions have put a stop to an organised burglary spree perpetrated by these men and others for over a year.  The three conspiracies encompassed over 40 burglaries of convenience stores and dwelling houses around Hampshire, Berkshire and Dorset from June 2010 to July 2011

"The burglars raided ATM machines, broke into houses and stole property including keys to high value cars, some of which were then used in the subsequent shop burglaries where many thousands of cigarettes were taken. Over £70,000 cash was stolen from the ATM's and many thousands of pounds worth of vehicles taken. They were clearly organised. In some cases CCTV equipment was removed and cutting equipment was used to break into safes. In others shop shutters were forced to gain entry and trays full of cigarettes removed. The burglaries have caused distress to home owners and disruption to businesses.

"CPS Wessex worked closely with Hampshire Police throughout this case. The investigation was not straight forward as it involved bringing together numerous strands of evidence to create a clear picture of the gang's criminal activities. This included CCTV, forensic, phone evidence and APNR (automatic number plate recognition) to track the offenders movements. This evidence then had to be presented clearly with the using of mapping techniques.

"It was only through close liaison between the police, particularly Dc Andy Panter and Dc Paul Southey, and the prosecution team that the conspirators' were brought to justice. Confiscation proceedings to recover money from them are ongoing."

Notes to editors

Mark Bicknell was sentenced to eight years for conspiring to commit burglaries.

Stephen Dosset was sentenced to three years for conspiring to commit burglaries.

Michael O Leary and Daniel Malcolm were sentenced to three years for conspiring to commit burglaries.

Richard Ashman was sentenced to five years for conspiring to commit burglaries.