‘Naked rambler’ Stephen Gough sentenced to 48 weeks in jail for breach of ASBO


Stephen Gough was sentenced today at Portsmouth Crown Court to 48 weeks in jail for breaching his ASBO. Following the sentence, Anton Allera, Senior District Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service said:

"Stephen Gough was charged with nine offences under section 5 of the Public Order Act, namely using threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress. These charges related to him appearing naked in the streets of Southampton and Eastleigh during February 2013. Numerous members of the public had made complaints about this to Hampshire Police. As a result, Hampshire Police made an application for an Anti-Social Behaviour Order on 28 February 2013 with a condition prohibiting him from appearing naked in public. Despite the Court Order being clearly explained to him and being offered clothing before he left court, Mr Gough chose to ignore the Court Order. As a result, he was charged with breaching the condition of his ASBO.

"On 10 May 2013 after trial, Stephen Gough was convicted all nine Public Order offences at Southampton Magistrates Court. He was on trial today at Portsmouth Crown Court for breaching his ASBO and made an application to appear naked in court during his trial, which was refused. The case proceeded in his absence and the jury found him guilty of breaching his ASBO and he was sentenced to 48 eight weeks.

"We hope that these convictions will reassure members of the public that his behaviour will not be tolerated."