Gang found guilty of conspiracy to rob Gosport man


Wayne Dujon, 33, from Fareham, Tyrone Smith, 33, from Southampton, Stewart Broughton, 50, from Gosport, Nathan Brown, 25, from Southampton and Jessica Jenkins, 42, from Fareham, were found guilty today at Portsmouth Crown Court of conspiracy to rob Wayne Hughes, from Gosport on 31 March 2014.

Following the convictions, Desmond Duffy Senior Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service Wessex said: When Wayne Hughes opened his front door late at night on the evening of March 31 2014, he did not expect that he would be attacked by four men who had planned to rob him.

In the lead up to that night Wayne Dujon, Jessica Jenkins and others had been planning and carrying out plans to steal drugs from illegal cannabis operations in Hampshire, and then in the weekend before the 31st of March, Wayne Dujon and his co-defendants planned to commit this robbery in Gosport.

The jury at Portsmouth Crown Court heard that they had received false information about what they might have found at Mr Hughes house and that Wayne Dujon was the organiser of that robbery although he chose to direct from a distance and not attend the address.

The defendants tactic was to have one male (Tyrone Smith) knock at Mr Hughes front door and asked if Steve was there. Mr Hughes replied to the man that he had the wrong address and went to close the door but the man stopped him from doing so and was quickly joined by one companion, then two more. All but the first man wore balaclavas.  Mr Hughes was shouting at them to leave it, telling them there were kids in the house, but this did not stop them.

They pushed the front door with such force that it lifted up off its hinges and  Mr Hughes found himself being pushed back into the hallway, effectively having to use the door as a shield. The tallest male at the back (Nathan Brown) shouted twice, Give us your fucking money.

They started punching him. One of Mr Hughes children appeared at the top of the stairs crying in distress which made one defendant (Tyrone Smith) leave the attack and the others retreated to the open doorway, where Mr Hughes was able to strike out at the remaining group. That then caused them to attack him again for another 20 to 30 seconds before they ran off to the waiting getaway cars driven by Stewart Broughton and Jessica Jenkins.

In fact because witnesses had been disturbed by the noise, the Police were given information about the getaway cars and found them soon after the attack. They chased the car driven by Jessica Jenkins for over 10 mins where she went through several red lights and speeded along roads in Gosport and Fareham. The car was stopped and she and Nathan Brown were arrested. Following an investigation by Hampshire Police the remaining Defendants were arrested at later dates.

Not content at leaving the criminal scheming there, the jury heard how Wayne Dujon planned from his prison cell to try and plant evidence on Mr Hughes mobile phone and ask others to follow a script for their evidence at Court. This was gleaned from letters that he written that had been intercepted in the prison.

These convictions put an end to the criminal activities of these men and Miss Jenkins and we would like to thank Mr Hughes for having the courage to give evidence against these men.