20-year-old woman pleads guilty to false allegation of attempted rape


Nicole Richess, 20, from Bournemouth pleaded guilty today at Bournemouth Crown Court of perverting the course of public justice after falsely alleging that two soldiers now aged 23 and 24 had attempted to rape her when she was 18. She will be sentenced on 26 March at Bournemouth Crown Court.

Following the conviction, Sophie Stevens Senior Crown Prosecutor for the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO) of the Crown Prosecution Service said: "Attempting to rape someone is a very serious criminal offence.

"Nicole Richess made false allegations that two soldiers had attempted to rape her because she had been confronted by her boyfriend who had been made aware that she had been unfaithful.

"The investigation by Dorset Police into her allegations revealed that on Friday 9 November 2012, she went out for the evening with girlfriends in Bournemouth. They went clubbing and she, with one of her friends, met four young men, army soldiers.

"Nicole Richess then took the two soldiers to her home where they had sexual intercourse. 

"What she did not know is that her boyfriend of three years would be aware of what happened through rumours, as a result he  confronted her.

"Scared, she started to make up stories and after three days of being pressurised by her boyfriend she went to the police and said the soldiers had attempted to rape her.

"She maintained her story during the police investigation, which quickly revealed discrepancies in her statement.

"Her selfishness and lies had serious consequences professionally and personally for the two young men, who had to be disciplined according to the Army Policy. The investigation went on their record and this limited their opportunities to be mobilised abroad.

"Their private lives had been exposed only because Nicole Richess could not take responsibility for her actions.

"We hope that with this conviction, they will be able to move on with their lives."