20-year-old woman receives suspended sentence over making indecent photographs of children


Amy Hickson, a 20-year-old from Southampton was sentenced today at Winchester Crown Court to 12 months imprisonment suspended for two years after she pleaded guilty to nine offences of making indecent photographs of a child, two offences of possession of extreme pornography, and two offences of possessing prohibited images of children.

Following the sentence, Dawn Hyland, Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service said:

"This is a very disturbing case, where a 20-year-old female has downloaded  over a two-year-period shocking images of children, as young as two, being abused by adults.

"She had stored on her computer the images; some were in her recycling bin, some in her deleted items, and others under an internet cache or other program files.

"The thorough investigation from Hampshire Police revealed that she started downloading these images on in June 2011. This means that she was not even 17 at that time, which is even more troubling.

"The fact that she possessed on one folder 596 indecent images ranging from categories A to C, 15 extreme pornographic images involving bestiality, and that she had 522 prohibited images of children demonstrate that these images had not been downloaded by mistake.

"Thanks to the police investigation we were able to put a strong case before the court and as a result Amy Hickson pleaded guilty.

"Anyone who downloads or possesses indecent and prohibited images of children contributes to the continuous and intolerable abuse of children.

"The Crown Prosecution Service with the help of the investigative authorities will prosecute vigorously these cases when there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest."