14-year-old girl sentenced for transphobic assault


A 14-year-old girl was sentenced today at North Wiltshire Youth Court of assaulting a 16-year-old victim going through gender reassignment. The victim was walking back to their home after a school day in Poole, when they were attacked by the defendant on 6 October 2015. She was also sentenced for the assault of her support worker in Trowbridge.

Following the sentence, Hate Crime Co-Ordinator and District Crown Prosecutor James Burnham for the Crown Prosecution Service in Wessex, said: "This was a really shocking incident where a young person was targeted simply because they were 'different' because of their gender change."The victim was heading back home through Freshwater Drive Playpark, Hamworthy in Poole, when she was asked by the defendant whether the she was a boy or a girl. Then the defendant launched into a gratuitous and vicious attack on her.

"There is no doubt that the defendant showed hostility towards the victim simply because the victim was 'different' from her. The victim perceived the assault as a hate crime and we were also satisfied that this offence was motivated by hostility. As a result we asked the court for the sentence to be uplifted to take into account that the offence was aggravated by the hostility the defendant showed towards the victim.

"This case demonstrates how the Crown Prosecution Service is determined to prosecute Hate Crime."

The 14-year-old teenager was sentenced to a nine month Youth Rehabilitation Order. Her sentence was uplifted and as a result her four month curfew was increased from 22.00-07.00 to 20.00 to 07.00 am, the activity requirement was increased from four to six sessions. She will also have to do 30 hours' reparation work for six days."