William Jones found guilty of Roath murder


William Jones has been convicted of the murder of Peter Lewis at Roath, Cardiff, after a trial at Cardiff Crown Court.

The trial heard that Peter Lewis was a vulnerable man with learning difficulties who lived on his own. He was attacked and stabbed on his doorstep by Jones in April 2012. The court heard that Jones had been looking for his former girlfriend and her new partner.

After the verdict Paul Hewitt, Senior Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service, Wales, said:

"Peter Lewis was a vulnerable man who posed no threat to anyone, least of all William Jones.

"His murder was an appalling attack, carried out by a killer who has taken no responsibility for his actions, instead seeking to suggest that he himself was the one being attacked. Thankfully, this trial has exposed his deceit.

"I would like to place on record our gratitude to all those who supported the prosecution of this case, either through giving statements to the police or by agreeing to appear as witnesses in court. I would also like to commend the swift and decisive efforts of South Wales Police's investigative team, which enabled us to build a strong case against William Jones.

"Sadly, William Jones' conviction will not bring Peter Lewis back to his family and friends. We hope, however, that today's guilty verdict may bring some small measure of comfort to them, as they seek to move forward with their lives."