South Wales Organised Drug Gang Imprisoned


A total of 54 years imprisonment was imposed on eight men at Cardiff Crown Court today for conspiring to supply class A drugs.

The group of men, led by nightclub owners Mark Cruise and Marcus Thompson, brought large amounts of heroin and cocaine to South Wales from their suppliers in Liverpool and the West Midlands, unaware that the police were gathering evidence and being advised by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Others involved in the professional operation were Paul Jewitt, Stephen Fenton, Warren Pesticio and Kyle Gallagher. All were based in South Wales. Mark Taylor and Shaun Harris were the two men who provided the drugs for the gang to process.

Gemma Vincent, Senior Crown Prosecutor said: "This was a complex, organised criminal operation that had links to supply networks based in Liverpool and the West Midlands that providing them with access to significant quantities of class A drugs.

"The CPS presented a strong case, following a thorough investigation, which included a large amount of surveillance material and mobile phone data to show the extent of the criminal activity.

"People who live in communities affected by drug dealing know only too well the misery it brings. Not only do drugs destroy the lives of those addicted to them, but their presence acts as a catalyst for other types of crime within the community.

"The Crown Prosecution Service is committed to playing our part in ensuring that those involved in the supply of drugs are brought to justice and prevented from enjoying the profits from their destructive actions."