Rogue builders from North Wales imprisoned


Rogue builders who defrauded four elderly people in North Wales of over £700,000 have been sent to prison by a Judge at Caernarfon Crown Court.

Steven Jones and Daniel Taylor of Llangefni, along with others, targeted their victims extorting money for unnecessary, non-existant or inadequate building work. Some of them attended the properties of the victims and carried out building work, overcharging for what they had done. Others processed large amounts of money through their bank accounts including Jones’ and Bedwyr Roberts’ partners, Amanda Jones and Caryn Owen.

Andrew Warman from the CPS said: “The CPS were presented with a complicated series of events with different people taking on different roles throughout. However the evidence pointed clearly to a common purpose of preying on older people. Jones in particular harassed the victims for vastly inflated sums of money returning to two of the victims time after time for more money.

“In prosecuting this case we have demonstrated to the jury how each one of the defendants contributed individually to this complicated fraud operation. Victims have told us that they handed over money to these defendants to try to put an end to their constant bullying.

“The devastating impact on the victims was made clear to the court and all the defendants have now faced the consequences of their actions.”