Prison for man who groomed and abused child


A man who abused a teenage girl for over four years was sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court today.

Brahim Mohammed, 49, spoke to the girl regularly on the telephone before inviting her to his house.  It was there that the sexual assaults first started.

Over a period of four years, Brahim Mohammed's grooming of the her resulted in repeated incidents of sexual offences including rape.

Wendy Brady of the CPS said: "Mohammed carefully and methodically groomed this child over time, leading to the sexual assaults. He knew the victim's age and despite that he continued. Any person, regardless of the relationship they are in, has a right to say no.  Failure to respect their decision is a criminal offence."

When police arrested Mohammed they recovered sexual images of the victim from his phone, and also some of him engaging in sexual activity with her.

Mohammed was sentenced to a total of 21 years.

Following sentence Ms Brady added: "Some do not find it easy to come forward and tell the police what happened to them.  The courage shown by this young victim in following the case through to its conclusion is commendable."