Prison for landlords of cannabis factories


Two men were jailed at Cardiff Crown Court on 4 August 2017 for conspiring to produce a controlled drug between June 2011 and November 2014.

Mohammed Nawaz was the owner of various premises in England and Wales, including in the Newport and Mountain Ash areas.
Police raided the properties and found significant quantities of cannabis being grown.  Further investigation showed that Nawaz had leased the buildings to Abdul Manuf.

Iwan Jenkins of the Crown Prosecution Service said: "Prosecutors have to follow a considerable paper trail in these cases to demonstrate what’s actually happened.

"We provided advice to the relevant police forces at an early stage, working with them to organise the various strands of evidence, enabling the CPS to present a strong case to the jury."

Nawaz was convicted following trial by jury while Manuf pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing.  At the sentence hearing on 4 August Nawaz received seven years imprisonment while Manuf was sentenced to 37 months imprisonment.

Mr Jenkins added: "These two men were involved in the illegal drugs business, whether they actually grew the plants or not, and have now been dealt with for their criminal activities."