Man jailed for 12 years for Cardiff student rape


A man who raped a student in Cardiff city centre during freshers’ week has been sentenced to 12 year imprisonment after being found guilty at Cardiff Crown Court.

During the trial, the court heard that Hamza had targeted his vulnerable victim after she became detached from her friends during a night out in Cardiff city centre. As she was walking home, he attacked her behind a bush in gardens close to the city's museum.

Rhodri Thomas, of the Crown Prosecution Service Wales Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Unit, said:

"Remus Hamza is responsible for a deeply unpleasant attack on a vulnerable young woman who was in no state to consent to sexual activity. He did so knowingly and with a callous disregard for her wellbeing.

"We want the clear message to go out that being vulnerable through alcohol consumption does not mean that a victim is somehow to blame for what happens to them. The law is clear; taking advantage of someone who is unable to give their consent is a criminal offence. The responsibility for that offence lies solely with the perpetrator.

"Rape is an extremely damaging offence, but it can also be one of the most misunderstood and difficult to prosecute. The Crown Prosecution Service, in partnership with the police and other agencies, is working hard to help combat and dispel the myths and stereotypes that exist around the issue. We want victims to feel that they can report an offence to the police, confident in the knowledge that their complaint will be taken seriously and they will be treated with respect.

"The victim in this case continues to deal with the effects of this harrowing ordeal and we hope that Hamza's conviction and sentence will be of some comfort to her as she seeks to move forward with her life."