Man kills five-year-old boy by driving dangerously


Dean Collins was driving his Ford Focus on the A48 Western Avenue on 13 September 2015 when he drifted onto the opposite carriageway and collided with another car seriously injuring the occupants. It also resulted in his passengers being injured: one of them fatally.

Joseph Smith was sat in the rear of the vehicle without a booster seat.  Consequently when the collision occurred the five year old's seat belt was not fitting him as it should.

Collins was sentenced to six years imprisonment.  After the hearing Ann Haile of the Crown Prosecution Service said: "The prosecution team were able to bring together various strands of expert evidence to satisfy the jury, together with eye witness accounts.

"This case is a stark reminder of how dangerous moving vehicles are when they are not controlled properly, and how important it is for children to be in a suitable, properly fitted car seat. Seat belts on their own are not enough to protect children adequately.

"The loss of life of such a young child is dreadful and our thoughts are with Josephs family."