Drivers jailed following fatal collision


Two drivers who pursued a young woman in her car through the streets of Cardiff face a total of fourteen years in jail.

Michael Wheeler, 23, and Melissa Pesticcio, 24, chased Sophie Taylor causing her to lose control of her vehicle and crash on the junction of Meteor Street and Moira Street.

All of them knew each other. When Sophie Taylor drove past them at traffic lights, they followed her. Wheeler made contact with her vehicle resulting in it spinning off the road. Sophie was killed and her passenger Joshua Deguara received life changing injuries.

Wheeler had pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving at an earlier hearing. Melissa Pesticcio denied the offence but was convicted by a jury.

Speaking after the sentence Iwan Jenkins of the CPS said: "Wheeler and Pesticcio used their cars to frighten and harass Sophie and Joshua, with tragic consequences.

"The jury had to consider whether the standard of Melissa Pesticcio's driving fell far below that of a careful and competent driver. The evidence presented to them demonstrated that it did.

"It can be distressing for families to see and hear details of cases like this in court, but Joshua and his family, along with Sophie's family, have been supportive throughout the process and we thank them for their cooperation."