CPS succeeds in increasing rapist's sentence


A convicted rapist has had his jail term quadrupled after top judges described his original sentence as "far too low".

Daniel Waters, 36, received three-and-a-half years' imprisonment in December last year when he was sentenced at Newport Crown Court. However, the Crown Prosecution Service referred the case to the Attorney General saying the sentence was too low.

The Attorney General's Office placed the case before the Court of Appeal in London describing the original sentence as "wholly inappropriate."

Lord Justice Davis concluded that the sentence of three-and-a-half years "...was and is far, far too low.

"The very least sentence that can be imposed is one of 12 years' imprisonment."

Following the case, a spokesman for the CPS said: "In December 2016, CPS Cymru-Wales referred three rape cases to the Attorney General's Office as the sentences were considered unduly lenient. All three referrals were successful resulting in significant increases in sentence being imposed by the Court of Appeal."

Leanne Jonathan, District Crown Prosecutor said: "These outcomes underline our determination to bring perpetrators of sexual offences to justice. We hope the increased sentences imposed will assure victims and the public of the commitment the CPS has in dealing with these serious cases."