CPS Cymru-Wales response to HMCPSI report


The CPS in Wales delivers good case outcomes and offers a value for money service, according to a report from Her Majesty's Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate (HMCPSI).

The Inspectorate's report concludes that CPS Cymru-Wales is a well-governed Area with an appropriate performance monitoring system in place. Conviction rates are above the national average, whilst the cost-per-case in Wales is the lowest in the country.

However, the report highlights the need to continue work to improve the level of service provided to victims and witnesses, as well as a need to challenge the police more rigorously in order to improve the overall quality of evidence files. In responding to the inspection report, CPS Cymru-Wales has developed a detailed Action Plan to ensure that improvements are made in areas identified by the Inspectorate.

Ed Beltrami, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS Cymru-Wales, said:

"The Inspectorate's report recognises that, through good governance and the hard work of our staff, CPS Cymru-Wales delivers good case outcomes and offers value for money.

"We are the best performing area of the country in terms of the Transforming Summary Justice initiative, which aims to promote efficient management of Magistrates' Courts cases. Our conviction rates in both the Magistrates' and Crown Courts are above the national average and our cost-per-case is the lowest in the country.

"The report does highlight areas where we need to improve. We recognise the need to provide an excellent service to victims and witnesses and we are already working hard to ensure that the quality of our communications with victims and witnesses is of a high standard and meets individual needs. This includes increasing the resources available within our Victim Liaison Unit, implementing new arrangements for speaking with witnesses at court, on-going training for prosecutors and gathering feedback from victims.

"The Inspectorate's report also raises some issues in respect of the way in which the Area engages with the police, especially with regard to serious sexual offence cases. Our staff work hard to maintain a constructive yet independent relationship with the four police forces in Wales and we believe that our overall area performance figures bear testament to the quality of this work. That said, we are not complacent and we recognise the need to work with our police colleagues to drive up standards still further."


Notes to Editors:

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