Brothers jailed for attempted murder


Two brothers have been jailed for a knife attack on an unarmed man in December last year.

Simon Trigg, 33, and Christopher Trigg, 36, were found guilty of attempting to murder Kevin Skye as he walked home from the Hafodryns Inn on 27 December in the early hours.

Mr Skye had been drinking with friends at the pub during the previous evening and had broken up a fight between Simon Trigg and another man.  As the two brothers left the pub they threatened to come back and "kill everyone".

Kevin Skye and his friends had left the pub and were making their way home when the brothers ran towards Mr Skye and attacked him.  He consequently received multiple stab wounds.

Jason Howells of the Crown Prosecution Service said: "The defendants made a choice to arm themselves with a kitchen knife and carry out a vicious, sustained attack.

"Thankfully, the treatment administered by friends at the scene and the attending Paramedics made a crucial difference to Mr Skye.  That early intervention, combined with emergency surgery, saved his life.

"Gwent police consulted the CPS early in this case, and our teamwork throughout the investigation and court process lead to an effective prosecution, which despite the denials of each defendant, resulted in the jury convicting them both."

Stephen and Christopher Trigg were sentenced to 23 years imprisonment on 12 July 2017.