Pair found guilty in sex trafficking case


A woman has been found guilty at Cardiff Crown Court of trafficking two women from Nigeria to the UK, inciting prostitution and money laundering. Her partner has been convicted of two offences of money laundering.

During the trial, the court heard that Lizzy Idahosa arranged for the women to be brought into the UK, using elements of a ritualistic ceremony in Nigeria to engender fear in her vulnerable victims. Once in the UK, the women were moved to various locations and forced to work as prostitutes in order to pay off their alleged 'debt' to Idahosa. Her partner, Jackson Omoruyi, was found guilty of money laundering offences.

Nicola Rees, Senior Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service Wales Complex Casework Unit, said:

"This was a despicable and callous crime. These two defendants were involved in an elaborate deception, taking advantage of cultural and financial issues in order to gain a devastating hold over their vulnerable victims. Once the victims had entered the UK, they were exploited and abused in the most brutal manner.

"Human trafficking is totally unacceptable in our society.  I hope today's convictions will send a clear message that those who seek to degrade and demean others for their own personal gain can expect to be pursued and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

"It took an immense amount of courage for the victims to come forward and seek to break free from their ordeal. I hope that their courage will act as an inspiration for others who may find themselves in a similar position.

"Whilst we cannot undo what has already happened to these victims, we can hope that today's convictions will help them as they try to move on from their ordeal."