The Cymru-Wales Management Team

CPS Cymru-Wales is one of 13 CPS areas that cover England and Wales.

The Area is headed by a Chief Crown Prosecutor (CCP), Barry Hughes, whose responsibilities include: carrying out prosecutions; setting and maintaining professional and ethical standards; representing the CPS locally; contributing to national policy and strategy; and ensuring effective employee relations.

The CCP is supported by a team of senior managers with expertise in legal and business management issues.

On the legal side, support is provided by Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutors Deborah Rogers and Gerallt Evans, as well as a Head of Complex Casework, Catrin Evans.

On the business management side, support is led by Area Business Manager Mike Grist, assisted by Business Change and Delivery Manager Helen Phillips.

Barry Hughes

Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS Cymru-Wales

Barry Hughes, Chief Crown ProsecutorBarry Hughes is from Liverpool and studied law at Sheffield University before joining the newly formed Crown Prosecution Service in 1986 as a Crown Prosecutor in North London. In 1996 Barry was promoted to the post of Assistant Chief Crown Prosecutor for London and appointed Chief Crown Prosecutor for Cheshire in 1999.

In 2004 he was appointed Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS Direct and set up the CPS service which provides charging advice outside normal working hours across England and Wales.

In 2007 Barry was appointed Chief Crown Prosecutor for Avon and Somerset. Following a CPS restructure in April 2011, Barry became Chief Crown Prosecutor for the South West. In June 2017 Barry took up post of Chief Crown Prosecutor for Cymru-Wales with ultimate responsibility for all criminal prosecutions in Gwent, South Wales, Dyfed Powys and North Wales.

He is married with two children and lives near Bath.

Catrin Evans

Head of Cymru-Wales Complex Casework Unit

Catrin Evans

 Catrin has worked in the CPS for 25 years and is an experienced prosecutor, advocate and manager. She is a fluent Welsh speaker and has conducted a number of trials in the Welsh Language.

Having worked as a prosecutor advocate in Haverfordwest, Dyfed Powys and Merthyr Tydfil, Catrin took up a role managing teams of prosecutors in Merthyr. She was promoted to the role of Trial Unit Head in Swansea and during this period was involved in launching the South Wales Witness Care Units, providing support to victims and witnesses.

After leading the Merthyr and Cardiff districts, Catrin spent two years working on a national project successfully implementing an Optimum Business Model (OBM) for case preparation and case progression.

In August 2011, Catrin became Head of the Complex Casework Unit for CPS Cymru-Wales.

Mike Grist

Area Business Manager for CPS Cymru-Wales

Mike Grist

 An experienced Business Manager, Mike has been with the CPS since its inception in 1986.

Mike originally joined Hampshire County Prosecuting Solicitors in 1975 as a Law Clerk, he subsequently held positions of Senior Law Clerk and Acting Chief Law Clerk.

In 1991, he took up post of Chief Law Clerk for Wiltshire and Gloucestershire CPS.  In 1993 he moved to Wales to take up an Operations post and in 1996 he was appointed as Area Administrator for Wales.

In 1999 Mike was appointed as Area Business Manager for CPS West Midlands and after eight years service in Birmingham, returned to Cardiff to take up a similar post for CPS South Wales. In 2011, Mike became Area Business Manager for the newly-created Cymru-Wales Area.

Helen Phillips

Business Change and Delivery Manager

Helen Phillips

 Helen has worked for the CPS since 1986 and has experience of senior business management roles in South Wales and Gwent. Her Business Change and Delivery Manager role covers the South and East of Wales, mirroring the area covered by Deputy CCP Naheed Hussain.

Helen started her CPS career as a Crown Court caseworker in Cardiff, having previously worked in private practice and in South Wales Police.  Following promotion in 1989, she took on responsibility for Magistrates and Crown Court co-ordination.

After taking on roles supporting the Area Business Manager and Chief Crown Prosecutor in CPS South Wales, she was promoted to Area Business Manager for CPS Gwent in August 2000.

Helen took up her new role as Business Change and Delivery Manager after the creation of the new CPS Cymru-Wales Area in 2011.