Digital Working

The CPS is currently engaged in a major programme of work designed to help us deliver a quicker and more efficient service through the use of enhanced technology.

Our vision is of a digital CPS, where secure electronic working replaces the need for vast amounts of paperwork in the system.

Improved technology will enable us to provide a much more streamlined service, improving the efficiency and speed of our work in the following areas:

  • Information exchange with the police
  • Preparation of cases
  • Information exchange with courts, defence and prosecution counsel
  • Presentation of cases at court
  • Our service to victims and witness
  • Our business and legal management 

Currently, much of our work in these areas takes place via paper files, physically moving around the system. By replacing a lot of this paperwork using efficient and secure technologies, we can help to meet our budgetary commitments over the coming years, whilst maintaining and improving the quality of our work.

Our Progress in Wales

 In Wales, we are working closely alongside a number of key partners including the four Welsh police forces, courts, defence solicitors and prosecuting counsel, in order to bring about these changes.  

We have already:

  • Begun to prosecute straightforward cases in the Magistrates court via laptop
  • Developed a paperless Witness Care service
  • Started to serve case information to courts in Dyfed Powys and South Wales electronically

Over the coming months, we intend to:

  • Work with defence solicitors and prosecution counsel to increase the use of secure email
  • Equip our staff with mobile IT equipment
  • Communicate our successes to our partner organisations and the general public

Further Information

If you have a question or comment about our plans for a digital CPS in Wales, please email:

Information and guidance for our partner organisations can be found on the Digital Resources page.