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Transcript of Kara Hoyte and Eunice Lander interview

Kara and Eunice what do you want young adults and children to do if they witness a crime or are the victim of a crime?

Eunice Lander replied: "Report it. Don't be afraid. Too much now is based on peer pressure - "oh I can't say that because they'll say I was a grass". If you fear that, you can phone Crimestoppers anonymously. But if it is a crime against yourself, report it, because if you don't it will just go on and on."

Watch the first section of the Kara Hoyte and Eunice Lander interview.

How would like to encourage people to report crimes to the police and give evidence so that the CPS can prosecute?

Eunice Lander replied: "Kara gave evidence but hers was video evidence, so it was given via a video screen and she wasn't in court - she was in a different place and it was played via television link so although she wasn't afraid of him then, they wanted her to be comfortable, so the CPS and the police do make it easier now. You don't have to stand there and face your fears. But you know what, feel the fear and do it anyway."

Watch the second section of the Kara Hoyte and Eunice Lander interview.