Victim Liaison Unit

As part of the Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS) commitment to supporting victims, we have developed a new approach to communicating with victims through the creation of dedicated Victim Liaison Units (VLU). Whilst CPS prosecutors remain responsible for their prosecution decisions, the VLU will be responsible for ensuring that victims are informed about CPS decisions to stop or to significantly change the charges.

Where the decision has not been communicated directly to the victim at court by the prosecutor, the VLU will write to the victim providing a short summary of the reasons for the decision. Thereafter, the victim can contact the VLU for further details or explanation.

CPS Thames and Chiltern have a joint VLU with CPS London and CPS South East. This will be a regional VLU based in London. You can contact the VLU through the following methods:

Regional Victim Liaison Unit
Crown Prosecution Service
Rose Court,
2 Southwark Bridge,
SE1 9HS.

After summer 2014, the regional VLU will also be responsible for informing victims, where appropriate, about how they can seek a review of a decision not to bring charges or to stop proceedings under the Victims’ Right to Review (VRR) scheme and for dealing with feedback and complaints from victims under the CPS Feedback and Complaints policy.

In the meantime, if you want to raise a complaint or provide feedback, please contact CPS Thames and Chiltern by one of the following methods:

VRR/Complaints Co-ordinator,
CPS Thames and Chiltern,
Eaton Court
112 Oxford Road,
RG1 7LL.
Telephone: 0118 951 3676,

You can also anonymously provide feedback on your experience to the CPS via our survey by clicking here. This will enable us to learn the lessons, both positive and negative from your experience and work to improve and enhance our services to victims in the future.