Our Vision

From Crime To Justice

Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service aims to be a truly world class prosecuting authority that delivers a quality service to the people of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Thames Valley (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire). It is committed to:

  • Working closely with the police to improve the quality of investigation and decision making, in order to strengthen the prosecution process and bring more offences to justice
  • Working closely with other agencies to drive forward change and improve performance within the criminal justice system
  • Championing the rights of victims and providing the necessary support to enable victims and witnesses to play their part in delivering justice
  • Being open and accountable, and inspiring respect and confidence in the communities we serve
  • Employing highly trained and motivated staff, representing the diverse communities of the Thames and Chiltern region, who are committed to providing an outstanding and professional service.

The police and CPS roles explained:

The police are responsible for responding to allegations that a person has committed a crime. They will decide whether an investigation is required and how it should be conducted.

Unlike the police, we are not an investigative body and have no powers to investigate allegations of crime but can guide and assist the police to build evidentially strong cases before independently reviewing the evidence rigidly applying the Code for Crown Prosecutors to each case to be satisfied there is both a realistic prospect of conviction and that it is in the public interest to prosecute an offender.  Our role is to ensure that the nationally recognised Evidential and Public Interest Tests, as described within the Code for Crown Prosecutors, are applied to cases and so determine their suitability to be put before a court.

If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim or witness of a crime, following charge, our aim is to secure justice for our community members, to keep you informed and support you. The Code Test is very important to ensure objective consistent decisions are made applying the same criteria. To put this in context, the CPS does not act for a victim or witness in the sense that a solicitor acts for a client. A victim or witness may want a case to be taken further that the evidence justifies.  Whilst the interests of a victim or witness must never be overlooked, as an independent prosecuting authority, our decisions must be made after proper consideration of relevant law.

CPS Thames and Chiltern business plan, 2017-2018

Read our latest business plan.

The CPS Thames and Chiltern Business Plan sets out the strategic objectives for the Area in 2017-18. This should be read in conjunction with the CPS Business Plan, which can be found on the CPS website

CPS Thames and Chiltern Performance

A monthly report of case outcomes in the CPS Thames and Chiltern Magistrates' Courts and Crown Courts can be found on the national CPS website Please read the report introduction as it will put the performance statistics into context.

Casework quality

We will improve the standard of casework preparation and progression across the Area, resulting in the building of robust and well constructed cases, and in turn more successful prosecutions.


We will ensure the correct management and allocation of people resources across the Area and empower managers to lead and manage their teams.