Adrian Foster, Chief Crown Prosecutor, introduces CPS Thames and Chiltern


Hello, and welcome to the CPS Thames and Chiltern website.

I'm Adrian Foster, Chief Crown Prosecutor. I have responsibility for prosecuting most criminal cases across five counties: Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire - which form the Thames Valley Police force area - and Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, which have their own police forces. Every year, we prosecute about 38,000 cases across those areas. We prosecute about five-and-a-half thousand of those in the Crown Court - the most serious cases - and we have an eight-in-ten success rate: 80% of our cases are successful.

I have a number of specialist lawyer teams dealing with the most serious casework and also a specialist legal team that deals with Rape and Serious Sexual Offences, and we have a particular priority in terms of other offending - Domestic Violence is one of those; Hate Crimes involving: race; religion; disability; Hostility based on sexual orientation; we take particularly seriously - and we make sure we have the Proceeds of Crime from criminals - we make sure that we get that back for the public, because it's the public we prosecute for. Individual victims and witnesses are taken into account - we do need them to give their very best evidence in court - and they are supported throughout the process.

Our website has a number of links to what we do and to previous cases, so I'd ask you to explore it as best you can, and if you have any direct feedback, please use the Feedback and Complaints link on the website.

Thank you.