Crown Advocate Unit

Tamsyn Wilcox, District Crown ProsecutorAs part of our commitment to prosecuting cases to the highest standards, the CPS routinely deploys its own lawyers (solicitors or barristers), known as Crown Advocates, to deliver high quality in-house advocacy across the full range of cases in our courts.

On 1 April 2012, CPS Thames and Chiltern set up a dedicated unit of in-house Crown Advocates under the management of District Crown Prosecutors Tamsyn Wilcox (pictured) and Louise Johnson to prosecute cases in Crown Courts across the Area. Crown Advocates are crucial to strengthen the prosecution process and bring offenders to justice. We aim to maximise the quality and value for money provided by our Crown Advocates across the full range of cases, paying particular attention to the care of and communication with witnesses.

Crown Advocates prosecute a whole range of cases in the Crown Courts, from straightforward thefts and assaults to rapes, serious sexual offences, complicated frauds and murders. We expect our Crown Advocates to acquire expertise in the highest profile areas of criminal law where the intellectual and professional challenges are greatest such as gun crime, violence, rape, and hate crime, with increasing involvement in both complex and serious cases.

Our advocates work as a team with investigating police officers, reviewing lawyers, and caseworkers bringing together all their experience to build the best possible cases for court. In-house advocacy improves continuity of case ownership and enables CPS advocates to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of cases to victims and witnesses.

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