Young Bedford man sent to detention for burglary and aggravated vehicle taking


A young Bedford man who stole a car from outside a house in the town and then crashed it into a tree has been sent to a detention centre for the next three-and-half-years.

Jamie Mann was knocked out in the crash, which happened at the junction of Mile Road and Lancaster Avenue, and had to be pulled out of the vehicle by rescuers.  But when he came to shortly afterwards he scarpered before police arrived.

At Luton Crown Court today, Tuesday, 17 June 2014, Mann, aged 20, of Victoria Road in Bedford pleaded guilty to burglary and aggravated vehicle taking.

With him in the dock was 19- year-old Steven Chandler of Omlersley Road in Bedford, who admitted the burglary.  He received a sentence of two years detention.

Sarah Selby, prosecuting, told the court it was around 4.15am on the morning of 30 June last year when the Mercedes car crashed into the tree.  Mann had been at the wheel and was left unconscious.  He had to be pulled from the wreckage by rescuers and was taken to a nearby house.  But after coming round he made off before police arrived.

Miss Selby said police checked the car details and found in was registered to a woman living in Worcester Road, Bedford.  She was phoned by police officers in the early hours and, wiping the sleep from her eyes, confirmed the car was hers.  Not only that, but she found her rear patio doors were slightly open and she had been burgled.  The car was missing along with the ignition keys and so too was £1000 in cash that had been taken from a drawer.

Miss Selby said that Chandler had not been in the car when it crashed.  His role had been to act as a "look out" when Mann and another had gone into the house to steal the cash and and take the ignition key to the Mercedes outside.

Following the burglary, Chandler then told a trainee social worker what he'd done and the matter was reported to police.

Mr Justice Davis was told that Mann was now a "third strike burglar" and he sentenced him to a total of three and a half years in a detention centre.

Chandler was given a two year detention sentence reflecting the lesser role he had played.

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