Jail for man who stabbed footballer in the legs


The man who assaulted Callum Davenport on 22 August last year has today been sentenced to six years in jail at Luton Crown Court.

Worrell Whitehurst, 26, stabbed former West Ham premiership footballer Callum Davenport eight times in the legs, after a family row at Davenport's mother's house in Kempston. Davenport's mother Kim Stupple was also injured in the scuffle, trying to defend her son against Whitehurst, partner of Davenport's sister, Cara. Whitehurst had pleaded guilty to both assaults.

CPS Bedfordshire District Crown Prosecutor, Sarah Brown, said after today's hearing: 'This was a very serious offence in which Whitehurst used a knife to cause significant injury. Ultimately his actions have affected the professional career of a premiership footballer. Today's sentence reflects the severity of the crime.'