Workman jailed after inappropriate touching - Luton


A drunken workman who touched a woman inappropriately when he went to her home to carry out re-pointing work was jailed for 18 months today, Thursday, 13 March 2014.

Stephen Giltrow, 46, attacked the woman when she was alone at her home in Studham near Dunstable, Beds.

The middle-aged woman told Luton Crown Court that when Giltrow, from Leighton Buzzard, arrived at her home on 19 June last year, he had given her the "creeps." When he spoke to her his eyes were constantly on her chest. She drove off soon afterwards to meet her mother for coffee, but on her return found he wasn't there.

In fact, Giltrow had gone to the local pub in the village, where he downed six or seven pints of lager, telling a woman behind the bar she had nice legs. Later in the afternoon he went to the house again and found that the woman had returned.

She said; "I could tell by the way he was coming up my garden that he was drunk - he was staggering." He made a lewd suggestion. She went on: "He said he was going to have sex with me even if I didn't want it."

Giving evidence from behind a screen, she told the court: "I felt he was going to rape me, that's how scared I was." Moments later she said he grabbed her breasts with both of his hands.

She said: "He was making threats. He said if I report him to anyone, the police or the council, he would find out who my family members were and cut them up. He knew very dangerous people. He said he went to jail for cutting his wife up and that's what he would do with me. He said "I am going to have sex with you."

He was blocking any escape from the kitchen and when he asked her to make him coffee she agreed. As she sat at her kitchen table she had her mobile phone out of sight and was trying to phone the police, but couldn't get a signal.

Her son-in-law showed up at the house and the defendant left, but not before he'd told her: "If it's your boyfriend, family or a friend and you tell them what's gone on, I'll kill them."

He denied the offences saying he had simply sat in the woman's kitchen having a cup of coffee and talking to her. He denied touching her or making any threats.

Giltrow, from Vandyke Road, Leighton Buzzard, was found guilty of one offence of sexually assaulting the woman by grabbing her breasts. He was cleared of a second offence of sexually assaulting her by grabbing her bottom.

He suffers from depression and alcoholism and still maintains his innocence, the court heard.

Stuart Sprawson, defending, gave the judge references from members of his family and others who speak highly of him. He was supported in court by his sister and brother. He said Giltrow's business and marriage had failed and that drink had become a "dominant feature of his character." He went on:  "He has had a very complex and difficult life. The flaws in his character led him to misbehave on this occasion."

Judge David Farrell QC told him: "You have shown no remorse. You sought to brazen it out before a jury. It was a planned drunken attack on a woman in her own home."

Giltrow was given a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) banning him from contacting the woman directly or indirectly or going to the village of Studham. He must register as a Sex Offender for 10 years.

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