Woman jailed for crockery attack - Luton


A woman who left her victim with a permanent scar on his face after throwing china and crockery at him was jailed for 10-years today, Thursday, 06 September 2012.

Laura O'Reilly, 25, believed wrongly that Alistair Blackburn had "grassed" her up for an attack in which he had suffered bruising and black eyes, Luton Crown Court heard.

She went to Mr Blackburn's flat in Brantwood Court, Brantwood Road, Luton the next day with her then boyfriend Andrew Tonks. The door was not locked and Mr Blackburn, a vulnerable man with alcohol problems, had china and crockery hurled at him by O'Reilly. It caused a scar on his face that will be with him for the rest of his life.

Tonks, 33, helped her clear up the mess before they took the victim back to a flat in Bury Park. They made him watch boxing matches on a video before somebody else took him home and an ambulance was called.

Mr Blackburn had suffered serious blood loss. He was so badly injured that his teeth could be seen through the wound in his left cheek.

O'Reilly of Helen Dixon House, Alcester Road, Moseley, West Midlands pleaded guilty to wounding with intent on 12 July last year and assault by beating on 11 July. Tonks, of no fixed address, was jailed for 12-months at an earlier hearing for assisting an offender.

Jailing her Judge Richard Foster said he accepted she had a drink and drug problem, but he told her: "You thought, in your terms, he was a grass. You and Andrew Tonks, your then boyfriend, went to Alistair Blackburn's flat. The door was insecure. You laid about Mr Blackburn mercilessly. It is clear from the evidence that you threw china and crockery at him in a revenge attack. The injury was so serious he will have a large scar on his face for the rest of his life."

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