Woman jailed for burglary - Luton


A woman, who burgled the home of a single mum when she knew she was out working, has today, Friday, 06 January 2017, been jailed for two years.

Catherine White stole a TV, mobile phones and PlayStation games, which the loser had worked hard for, Luton Crown Court was told.

The victim returned home to Denham Close, Luton after a two-day shift at a care home, where she earned the minimum wage, to find her front door open and the goods worth £680 missing. Her 14-year-old son had been at home, but White knew he would be leaving for school on the morning of 11 April last year, and took the opportunity to break in said prosecutor, Gabrielle McAvock. She left her fingerprints behind at the property, but tried to explain them away by saying she did washing for the victim.

White, aged 36, of Marsh Road, Luton had denied a charge of burglary, but was convicted in her absence by magistrates' at Luton in October last year.  She appeared over a video link from prison in Peterborough to be sentenced.

David Healey, defending said White, a mother of two girls, had mental health and substance abuse issues which she was addressing in custody. "She hopes that on her release she can leave Luton and put those problems behind her."

Judge Richard Foster told White: "Burglary is an escalation in your offending. In this particular case the victim has worked hard, as a carer on a minimum wage, for many hours to give her son the quality of life she gave him. I hope your time in custody will do you some good and get you off your drug habit which ruins so many lives."

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