Woman found guilty of the manslaughter of faith healer four years ago


A Luton woman has today (19 November) been found guilty of manslaughter and conspiracy to falsely imprison, after a trial at Luton Crown Court. The court heard that Rubina Maroof (30) took part in a conspiracy to lure a spiritual faith healer Alfusaine Jabbi (26) to her house in Pembroke Avenue, in order to kill him, on 28 April, 2006.

Mr Jabbi was tied up, stabbed and beaten to death and his body was dumped in Leagrave Park car park, where it was found early the next morning on 29 April.

CPS case lawyer Luke Bulpitt, from the Thames and Chiltern Complex Casework Unit, said: 'Rubina Maroof played a key role in the death of Mr Jabbi in that she arranged for him to come to her house where she knew that a group of people some of whom were her relations - planned to imprison and harm him.'

'In doing so, she is culpable and the CPS decided there was sufficient evidence and it was in the public interest to bring her before a judge and jury. The court has made its decision and justice has now been served.'

The day after the crime Maroof fled the country, flying to Pakistan with her husband who she later tried to implicate in the crime. She was arrested on 9 May this year on arriving at Heathrow airport, and subsequently charged with murder and conspiring to lure Mr Jabbi to the house in order to falsely imprison him. Five other co-defendants were convicted in 2008 for their parts in the crime.

The prosecutions case was based on the role that Rubina Maroof, who failed to give evidence during the trial, played in Mr Jabbis death. She had received spiritual services from him, running up a large debt, which she had hoped to recover. She then arranged for her friend, Rubina Shah, to lure Mr Jabbi to her house - under false pretences of further healing work - where he met his untimely death.

Maroofs brother Tarik Malik and his friend Imran Khan were tried and convicted of murder in 2008. Rubina Shah was convicted of conspiracy to unlawfully imprison Mr Jabbi, and Khalid Malik Maroofs half-brother - and Guhar Mirza - Tarik Maliks wife - were both convicted of perverting the course of justice.

Maroof has been sentenced to 10 years for manslaughter and four years (to run concurrently) for conspiracy to falsely imprison.