Watford drug dealer jailed


Watford drug dealer John Lee went off to prison today knowing he had been "ratted on."

Police had been tipped off he would be driving down the M1 towards Watford with drugs on board. And about an hour later officers spotted him close to Junction 10 the London Luton Airport turn off.

Today St Albans Crown Court heard that when the police got him to stop on the hard shoulder they found cocaine on him which he said was for his own use. But there was a much larger amount discovered when officers searched his home. As a result Lee of Ilkley Road, Watford appeared for sentence today pleading guilty to possessing 520 grams of high purity cocaine with intent to supply.

Miss Gabrielle McAvoca prosecuting told how late on the evening of 24 January this year police received a tip off that a VW Transporter Van would be on the M1 with drugs inside. The court heard the officers had the details of the van and spotted it at around 10.45 on the M1 close to Luton.

After he had been pulled up by the police who asked: "Is there anything in the van you shouldn't have?" he answered I am carrying some money for a friend. Officers then found cocaine on the defendant and later went to his home where they found more. In all the police recovered around half a kilo of cocaine with a purity of 74 per cent.

Judge John Plumstead was told the haul was worth over £22,000.

The judge said whatever his role in the operation, Lee couldn't have been acting alone. And the judge said it was clear someone had "ratted on him" providing police with a description of the van and information about the drugs. He jailed him for four years telling him: "your role was a significant one."

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