CPS District Crown Prosecutor David Edwards explains the CPS Crimes Against Older People policy

 The CPS Older People's Policy sets out in very specific detail what the public and older people in general can expect from the CPS, especially with regard to prosecuting cases where older people are victims.

We know there is a large amount of unreported crime and crimes against older people are unreported.

The Criminal Justice System has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years with regard to addressing victims and witnesses needs especially when giving evidence, and there are a wide range of options and measures that the CPS can apply for when appropriate to help people give the very best evidence that they can, to make sure that any impact on them is as minimal as possible.

It ranges from being able to give evidence via a live TV link from a remote location, possibly your home. There are other measures such as a screen so that the public gallery and the defendant can't see the person.  And intermediaries - these are people who are very similar to interpreters that if someone has a communication difficulty, or difficulties with communication, then an intermediary can come into court and ensure that their evidence is given as best as possible.

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