Two men sentenced for theft from the elderly


Two men from Slough have been sentenced at separate hearings for theft from the elderly. Robert Moody and John Doe both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal.

Moody was sentenced at the Inner London Court on July 16. He was given 42 months in jail on other matters, of which he has already served 10 months on remand. For the 'thefts against the elderly' offences he was ordered to serve another 2 months consecutive to the 42 months already imposed, and therefore has 34 months left to serve. Doe was sentenced at an earlier hearing at Reading Crown Court on June 18, where he received a 12-month community order; to report to his probation officer and to attend a five-day 'training and education' course.

CPS Thames Valley case lawyer, David Edwards, said: 'Robert Moody and John Doe were convicted for their roles as part of a team of criminals deliberately targeting elderly people believing them to be vulnerable members of the community and easy targets. The pair's convictions show this is not the case and that the CPS and the police will robustly prosecute offenders who mistakenly believe that they can get away with crime by targeting certain sections of the community. It was for the courts to determine the sentences they received.'

The guilty men committed at least seven distraction burglaries of elderly people in April and May 2009, in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, whilst impersonating health and safety officers. They targeted properties in Slough, Langley, Marlow, Ascot, Crowthorne and Wokingham. Whilst on bail, they visited another property in Slough, said to the elderly male householder that they would complete repair work on the roof and asked for £5,000. They then took the man to the bank to draw out the money. The man's daughter saw her father being dropped off and once she had found out what happened, called police.

Moody, who has previous convictions for similar offences, was arrested on the roof of the property on 20 August, and Doe was identified through a video identification parade.