Two men jailed for theft from relative - Kempston


Two men who stole £50,000 from the home of a relative and made it look like a genuine burglary have been jailed for 12 months.

A Judge said the explanation that Altaf Hussain and Mohammed Malik came up with had been "fanciful."

They had claimed that it was not their intention to keep the cash, but to use it to heal a rift within the family and show them that money was not everything. But Luton Crown Court was told on Friday, 10 October 2014, that although the money had been returned the family relationships were "at an absolute nadir."

Hussain, aged 34, of Goldfinch Gardens, The Wixams, Bedford and Malik, aged 25, of Whitby Way, Elstow both pleaded not gulty to burgling the house in Kempston on 25 May this year. They were convicted by a jury last month.

Alison Woodhall, defending Malik said: "The unusual motivation in his case was incredibly misconceived." She said he had been due to marry next month.

John Harrison for Hussain said: "The family relationships are now at their absolute nadir. There is no rebuilding bridges in this case. This was one of the most stupid ideas anyone has ever had."

Judge Richard Foster said: "This was a preplanned burglary to steal a large amount of money. Malik, you entered the house and Hussain acted as the look out. You ransacked some rooms and smashed a window to make it look like a conventional burglary but you were after the cash in the attic. You were seen on CCTV at the house and your account that it was some ploy to repair relationships in the family is fanciful and was rejected by the jury."

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