Two men jailed for sexual offences against children - Chesham


Two men appeared at Aylesbury Crown Court today, Friday, 03 October 2014, and were jailed for a total of 15 years following an investigation into child sexual exploitation offences against two 15-year-old girls in Buckinghamshire.

Lee Wakelin, aged 32, of Upper George Street, Chesham was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for inciting a child into prostitution, six years for trafficking within the UK, and five years for sexual activity with a child, to run concurrently.

Arslan Khan, aged 21, of Severalls Avenue, Chesham was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for inciting a child into prostitution, seven years for trafficking within the UK, and five years for inciting sexual activity with a child, to run concurrently.

The pair were unanimously found guilty of the offences by a jury 09 September following a trial.

The offences were committed against two 15-year-old girls, between 29 December and 31 December 2012.

At round 11pm on 29 December 2012, both girls were together when one of them received a call from Khan asking if they wanted to go 'cruising' with him. They declined. However, the girls were later approached by Khan in a car as they walked to a friend's house. They eventually got into the car and were driven a short distance where they met Wakelin, who was sat in the driver's seat of another vehicle. The girls, along with Khan, then got into Wakelin's vehicle.

While travelling in the car together, one of the girls asked Khan if they could leave and get out of the car. Khan refused and said they needed to go somewhere else first. The car was then driven to a place which was later established to be a park in the Watford area. During the journey, the girls were offered drinks and drugs. Khan also told them that he was opening a brothel and needed more working girls, asking whether they would be interested. He told one of them that if they agreed, they could earn £65,000 a year and could start taking cocaine as well.

On arriving at the park, one of the girls was told to go for a walk with Wakelin. The girl refused but eventually went with him out of fear. The pair walked into a wooded area where she was pressured into engaging in sexual activity.

The girls were eventually dropped back off in Chesham at around 3am the following morning (30 December 2012). During the car journey home, Khan repeatedly asked one of the girls if she wanted to work as a prostitute. The victim eventually agreed, again out of fear and pressure. Khan went on to tell her that she needed to go for a 'trial run.'

The following day (31 December 2012), the girl was pressured by Khan to meet a man for sex, which she initially refused to do, but later agreed out of fear as Khan became aggressive. She met with the man, but he recognised her as being underage and left.

It was later that evening that police were contacted and an investigation was launched.