Two men jailed for serious assault - Reading


Two men have been imprisoned for a total of 13 years for a serious assault in Reading earlier this year.

Andrew Naylor, aged 33, from Vulcan Drive, Bracknell, who initiated the assault, pleaded guilty at Reading Crown Court on 04 December 2012, to two counts of section 18 GBH and one count of battery. He was sentenced by Her Honour Judge Morris to a total imprisonment of nine years with a four year extended license. A recommendation and subsequent application of a lifetime ban from licensed premises has also been made.

Paul Thorley, aged 33, from Bannister Drive, Hull, was sentenced at Reading Crown Court today, Thursday, 06 December 2012, to four years imprisonment after pleading guilty to one count of section 20 GBH.

At about 5pm on Sunday, 06 May, the day before the May Day Bank Holiday 2012, the two defendants were drinking in Revolution Bar, Station Road, Reading, when they assaulted three men who were also in the bar.

The assaults were entirely without provocation and Naylor and Thorley set upon the victims, repeatedly punching them. One victim was kicked and stamped in the head while on the floor. The two defendants then chased two of the victims, aged 26 and 28, out onto the busy street outside, cornering one of the victims in the bus stop opposite where he was knocked to the floor and repeatedly kicked and stamped on until he was unconscious.

Naylor continued to stamp on and kick the victim in the head while he lay unconscious, despite members of public bravely trying in vain to intervene.

Once the assault was over, the defendants were tracked by CCTV into a taxi and subsequently arrested minutes after the start of the incident.

Two of the victims received serious injuries including a bleed on the brain, multiple facial fractures including the jaw, eye sockets, mouth palet, and nose, and teeth were knocked out.